Hydroxyapatite (HA) Plasma Coating

HA is calcium phosphate ceramic, which has the capability of accelerating the reconstruction of the bone tissue on the metallic implant surface creating a rapid bonding.
Being the HA one bio-active material, it can integrate itself into bone structures and support the bone growth, without breaking or dissolving. This is due to the chemical/biological bonding with hard tissues.

When coating the implants with HA it is expected that once inserted into the human body, the interaction between the implant and the body tissues leads to the formation of live bone tissue around the implant, called osteo integration.

Hydroxyapatite coatings enhances the growth of bone tissue through the coating pores, which gives good mechanical stability in the fixation process of implants.

Typical Characterization:

  • High Cristalinity, (depending on projection parameters)
  • Adhesion >15 MPa