• Bead porous coating

  • Titanium plasma coating

  • Hydroxiapatite (HA) Plasma coating

  • Double Layer (Ti+HA) Plasma Coating

  • Quality control

    100% visual inspection.

    Microscope inspection of bonding necks.
    Coating pull-off test according to ASTM-F-1147
    Coating shear test according to ASTM-F-1044


Why work with us

Bio-Vac is an technological company that develops its activities in the biomaterial area.

We provide advanced surface treatment processes for medical devices, specializing in Porous Coatings.
Bio-Vac offers a wide range of services regarding surface treatment of implants.

Founded in 1991 by a group of professionals and experts of the sector for over 30 years.
Today, 25 years later continues to improve and increase its range of coatings.

Since then we have coated thousands of implants for leading companies in Europe, Oceania, Asia and South America

Double Layer (Ti+HA)<br>Plasma Coating

Double Layer (Ti+HA)
Plasma Coating

This coating combine the advantage of the roughness of the Ti and the bio-activity of the HA. A thin coating of HA combined with a porous Ti interlayer coating accelerates bone reconstruction of the implant surface.

Porough Coating<br> 

Porough Coating

"Porough" is a coating that stands out from the usual Ti coatings, for its unique properties of extremely high porosity and roughness, further facilitating the growth and the osteo integration of the bone.

Titanium (Ti) Plasma Coating<br> 

Titanium (Ti) Plasma Coating

The microspheres or irregular particles sintered coating offers a porous mesh, through its interstices the bone will grow, providing a long term and safe biological fixation of the implant.



Taking advantage of the experience and knowledge acquired over time by a highly skilled technical team working according to the quality certifications of ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.